Picture of pontoon boat, the Barge, built by myself and friends in Kwajalein, 1985 - still in service!

All of the following were found on the O Prime Japanese sub chaser (CHA-18) in the Kwajalein Lagoon

This Seiko ship clock was found in the muck near the collapsed-down engine room. I had very little interest in it as it was the same size and shape of a brass can full of O-rings found by Bevan the previous month. But I took it up as I found nothing else of interest on that dive. I gave it to Tim who was on the boat at the time, and dropped back down to 10 feet to do a 2 minute safety stop. When I got on the boat, Tim was smiling as he had noticed a clock hand floating in the muck and water that he could see through the glass cover. I was still not really impressed as I assumed that the face was paper which wouldn't have survived the forty years the clock was under water. When I got home, I soaked the clock in cold water for 3 hours, then carefully chipped off the coral that had grown around the chrome ring. I then carefully rinsed the insides and was astounded to see a perfectly preserved brass face, inlaid with black numbers and kanji characters. On the bottom of the face is the lettering "SEIKOSHA TOKYO JAPAN". The inside of the clock was filled with all the brass clockworks, the steel pins that held the gears and the steel mainspring had disintegrated over the years. I subsequently found a second clock of the same type near the radio room, but it was almost totally destroyed.. it had taken a direct hit through the front from a US Navy shell or bullet!

Japanese Seiko ship clock (found 3/85)

Seiko clock open (found 3/85)

Japanese Military Buttons

Japanese Medical Ampules

Fukagawa plate - one of over 40 pieces found in perfect condition!

Japanese Ink and Medicine Bottles

Japanese Signal Lamp Lenses

Japanese Engine Plaque
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